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Ontario Electricity Support

Ontario Electricity Support



microFIT The fundamental objective of the FIT Program, in conjunction with the Green Energy Act, is to encourage the development of renewable energy generating projects throughout the province.

Deregulated Bill

Deregulated Bill
The deregulated bill breaks out the cost of the commodity from the delivery and regulatory costs.

10 Smart Meter Lane

Visit 10 Smart Meter Lane and learn how shifting your electricity use makes sense.
Visit 10 Smart Meter Lane and learn how shifting your electricity use makes sense.

Scorecard 2016 [posted October 2, 2017]

Atikokan Hydro Inc - Scorecard

2016 Carte de pointage Atikokan Hydro Inc

2016 Scorecard Management Discussion and Analysis

2013 Conservation and Demand Management Annual Report

2013 Conservation and Demand Management Annual Report

Payment Information
Please allow sufficient time for delivery if paying by mail, by telephone or computer banking, or through a financial institution.

By Cheque, Cash, Debit Card or Third Party Credit Card Payment
Please make your cheques payable to Atikokan Hydro Inc. and include your account number on the front. A service charge is applied for cheques returned by the customer's bank. A night deposit box is available at our office building at 117 Gorrie Street. Cash payments, debit or third party credit card payments from Paymentus, will be received at our office at 117 Gorrie Street during normal business hours [8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday excluding stat holidays].

Pre-authorized payment [Automatic Bank Withdrawl]
With automatic bank withdrawl [ABW], your bill is paid on the due date automatically from your bank, trust company, or credit union account. To apply for ABW, just call our Customer Service department at (807) 597-6600.

ATM Machines, Telephone Banking, or on line payments
Payments may be made at participating banks, trust companies, or credit unions.

Late Payment
A 1.5% [19.56% per annum] interest penalty is charged on all bills in arrears. Please allow sufficient time for mail delivery before the due date to avoid a late payment penalty. Arrears are subject to final notice and collection. Atikokan Hydro Inc. may discontinue service on accounts in arrears, and cannot be held responsible for any resulting loss, damage, or inconvenience.

Moving - Please let us know
We need at least 48 hours notice prior to cancellation of your account to allow time for a final meter reading. You will be responsible for consumption until a final reading has been obtained by our service staff. Call or visit our office to make these arrangements.
If you need to open a new hydro account, you will need to visit our Customer Service office located at 117 Gorrie Street.

Going on Vacation?
If you are to be away when your bill is due, you can prepay your account to avoid the 1.5% late payment penalty. Automatic Bank Withdrawl is a convenient alternative as well.