Tree Trimming


Why Does Atikokan Hydro Trim Trees ?

Atikokan Hydro Inc. has an aggressive tree trimming program that maintains and removes trees and limbs to prevent contact with high voltage electrical wires. The purpose of the program is to ensure public safety and to provide a reliable electrical service to all customers by preventing unscheduled power interruptions.

By trimming power lines on a regular schedule to a minimum clearance, Atikokan Hydro will eliminate predictable safety hazards and reduce tree related outages. Trees are a significant cause of power outages. Outages from trees are caused from branches rubbing on power lines, branches falling on power lines and trees falling across power lines during storms.


Utilities’ Access to Private Property

The 1998, Electricity Act of Ontario requires that Atikokan Hydro maintain trees and brush to minimum clearances around its power lines. The Electricity Act grants access for Atikokan Hydro to “enter and maintain any land for the purpose of cutting down or removing trees, branches or other obstructions.”

Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

Homeowners can avoid service interruption, help reduce costs and maintain a pleasant environment by ensuring trees of the correct size and species are planted near power lines.  Do not plant trees that will grow tall near power of communication lines. Choose only low growing compact species. Save tall trees for areas aware from power lines.

When you are looking for landscaping options, remember to consider height and location. Look at the ‘mature’ height of the tree or shrub when considering a species for your landscaping near power lines. Learn more about planting under or around power lines and electrical equipment. 

Homeowner Responsibilities

As a homeowner, you too are accountable for trees on your property and within the proximity to power lines. Learn more about your responsibilities.

Due to the danger of overhead power lines, unqualified individuals should never attempt to cut down trees or trim branches close to, or touching any overhead lines.

To accommodate tree trimming or removal of a tree under a service line contact Atikokan Hydro; Atikokan Hydro will accommodate with free service for hazard trees in the power lines.

To Report a Danger Tree

To report a concern about trees and power lines, please call the Atikokan Hydro Office at (807)597-6600.